NO. 003

This client is a personal friend of mine and when she asked ( and trusted ) me to make over her office space I was more than thrilled and shouted out with a big ole h-e-double hockey stick, YES! Not only is she a personal friend of mine, but she too is a very creative individual. I know how hard this gal works so creating a fresh and crisp space for her to express her thoughts and write was very important. This space really spoke for itself with its crisp white walls, newly installed light fixture ( her pick ) and gold accents. Also, can we take a moment to cherish the fact that this room has the most natural light shining in through the bay window? That itself is a dream come true! This project was also a chance to show off my knack for organization. I get major satisfaction from organizing and I think the photos will show you that I'm all about making things just right. 

This style day was so relaxing and it wasn't because the diffuser was steaming out the sweet smells of grapefruit and peppermint. The snow was falling outside and I was in a soulful state of mind.  

all things white and blush.


Don't be afraid of purchasing a big cable-knit rug if you have animals, especially if it is in a low traffic area. Sophie knows best! 


TIP: When you have no choice but to put your desk facing the wall, install a mirror above so your not staring at your freshly painted walls. The reflection of a mirror makes the room feel larger.

I can't take any credit for the above. This beautiful piece was crafted from Steel and Timber. He makes the most eye-catching live edge tables and accent pieces. You can find him on Instagram! Follow @steel_and_timber 


Not only does this room look insanely beautiful in the day, but at night the lights are dim and all I can think of is grabbing a glass of rosé and unplugging. I am so happy with the way this space turned out and I hope you enjoyed yet another passion project.

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later days, em